Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gloomy Thursday

So I have been catching up this week on all sorts of things. I've been cleaning out my closets, updating my CV, and catching up with various people. The weather has been really shitty the past few days with nothing but rain and clouds. I went to the movies with my New Gym Sister but that was about it as far as fun stuff goes since the weekend. These past few days I have also been dealing with my annual case of tonsillitis! I was checked out at the Walgreens walk-in clinic and fortunately it isn't strep throat. It's more than likely a viral infection so I just have to wait for it to pass. I guess that's what I get for marching for gay rights in the cold and rain! lol

These past few days have also allowed me some time to reflect on the current state of my life. I was so busy and so deeply immersed in my rotation at Rush for 6 weeks that everything else in my life turned into background noise. So I have been a bad mood these past few days. There are alot of things on my mind. I'm still frustrated with certain friendships and well, even though I am hopefully moving later this year, men too! My only comfort is that my homegirl Wanda meets just as many weirdos as I do so I know I'm not alone on this one! lol. I am also frustrated with the uncertainty of the rest of the year. Yes, it's all wonderful and nice for me to say what I WANT to do, but there are so many factors to be taken into consideration that I honestly don't know what's going to happen after I graduate in September. Will I have a job right away? Will I have to wait to move? Will I not move at all or will I end up somewhere completely unexpected? I am used to always having a plan and some sort of structure but this is the first time in my life I don't have the luxury of doing so. Ugh.


Anonymous Ren said...

Don't worry honey!.. Trust me I have been through it all! even if you have a plan it usually doesn't work out that way Let me tell you Things always work out just sometimes not in the way you expect them to. People don't like change and you are going so far out of your comfort zone right now But I know it will be fine and so will you..... And This message has been brought to you as a public service message Damn I am getting old!LOL But I do believe it It happens always does

10:02 PM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

LOL. Well, if I can look to anyone for inspiration during these times it is definitely my gypsy friend! LOL. I love you Ren!

12:02 AM  

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