Monday, May 18, 2009

Surving Sepsis

To say I have been busy the past 6 weeks would be a complete and total understatement. Never in my life have I had so much to do. There have been days when I literally forget to turn on my phone. What's weird is I have been so busy I didn't even realize until today that some people I have not seen or spoken with in over a month. And get ready for this shocker.........I don't think I have had one drop of alcohol since my birthday! Now that is amazing! LOL

I am not complaining though. This is my last week in Rush University Medical Center's intensive care unit and WOW have I learned alot. I feel like I recite the "Surviving Sepsis Campaign" guidelines in my sleep! I've presented a journal on tight glycemic control in the ICU, a patient case presentation on Staph aureus bacteremia in a hemodialysis patient and given an inservice on vasopressor and inotropic support in septic shock patients to the medical residents in the ICU. I am by no means a critical care PharmD expert just yet but I think I have a good knowledge base to build on. I will have two weeks off starting this weekend and I am excited. I have no vacations planned but I look forward to not having to wake up every morning at 4:30AM! I also will be busy as I begin the official process of job hunting. Granted I don't graduate for another 3 months but it doesn't hurt to get a head start!


Anonymous Ren said...

You rock I am so proud of you! When is expected graduation?

5:41 PM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

September 4th! 3 and a half more months!!!!

8:24 PM  

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