Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dumb Loser Pageant Bitch

Now before people call me a hypocrite for blasting Miss California for giving her honest opinion on national television concerning a controversial issue, hear me out....

First of all, why the hell was Perez Hilton a judge? Seriously, this guy is such a shit stirrer. I'm not saying the Miss America pageant is some sort of serious event that will solve the world's problems and feed the poor, but who's idea was it to have him on board?

Secondly, I think the question was meant for him to be controversial and not actually be serious.

Thirdly, I think Miss California is a fucking dumb ass cunt NOT because I disagree with her views. Kudos to her for being honest I say and based on the response of the crowd she wasn't alone on that one. The problem is that she never answered the question. Perez asker her if other states should follow Vermont's gay marriage legislation, why or why not. Miss California says that it is great the American people can choose. Well sweetie, it was Vermont's law makers that made the decision. Not the people She then says that her up-brining taught her that marriage is between a man and a woman. Once again dear, you aren't answering the question

So we still don't know. Does she think other states should follow Vermont's example? She claims it's great that American's can have a choice. She then mentions what her family taught her. So is she implying that one group of individuals has the right to limit the legal liberties of another group simply because her mommy and daddy say it's ok? Or is she saying that despite her own personal beliefs, Americans should have the option of gay marriage?

Miss California didn't win because she was a stupid whore that couldn't take 10 seconds to properly answer a question that apparently she wasn't shy discussing. Sorry bitch. As for Perez, I don't think he should be pissed that the girl didn't give him a politically correct answer. He should be pissed that she didn't give an adequate response.

And finally, I have been meaning to blog about this for awhile now but have been waiting for the right moment, I must say I am very happy to hear about the legalization of same sex marriage in both Iowa and Vermont. I spend much time researching this topic and it's always interesting to read what the anti-gay marriage conservative zealots always have to say. According to them what happened in Iowa is an outrage and an example of the courts shoving laws down people's throats. Apparently these individuals have never taken a government course. The three branches of government exist for a reason and the courts in any of the states where gay marriage has been legalize have done nothing outside of their jurisdiction. If court cases shouldn't "force laws down people's throats" as some so eloquently put it, I wonder if they also disagree with the Brown VS Board of Education verdict?

Furthermore, the conservative anti-gay marriage zealots (I like to clarify since there are conservative folk who could give two shits if the gay couple next door get married) don't seem to like when it when legislators draft laws to legalize gay marriage instead of the court system. Hmmm......nothing seems to make these people happy. I think I would respect the anti-gay marriage movement (or at least try to take them seriously) if they were at least upfront and honest and said that their motives have EVERYTHING to do with discrimination against gays. I would also have more respect for them if perhaps they could try to argue their point without referencing the Bible because this country is not 100% Christian and once one religion begins forcing its doctrine on people of other religious faiths....well, I think then you start messing with the US Constitution.

Anyhoo, here is a commercial that is hilarious yet equally pathetic as it shows how far these people will go to spread their lies.

BUT....paradies of this video are popping up.....


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