Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We Won't Back Down

Yesterday it was announced that the California Supreme Court decided to uphold Proposition 8 (the gay marriage ban). Couples married before the ban would remain married. The reasoning behind the verdict was that this case was not to determine whether Prop 8 was right or wrong but whether or not such a drastic change could be made by popular vote. Nevertheless, there are already plans to bring this issue back to the ballot box in 2010. With the vote as close as it was this past election (52% vs 48%) it suffices to say the battle for equal marriage rights will continue. In 102 cities across the country there were marches and protests. I attended the one here in Chicago. I am not happy with the California Supreme Court's decision, however I attended the protest because I am angry like many other gays and lesbians that are disgusted that our fair and equal treatment has to be decided by the voting public. Minority groups should not have their fate left at the hands of the majority voting public. How absurd would it be if there was suddenly a proposition to limit the rights of Muslims in this country? Or the handicapped? Would it be wrong to go and vote on those? The ongoing dilemma not only in California but the entire country is that history has told us time and time again that the government can't promise equal rights for everyone......and then say oops, well except for that group over there.

We won't back down.


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