Friday, May 01, 2009

When Kelly Takes Over

Kelly Rowland was always my favorite member Destiny's Child. Despite the fact she usually got stuck with the dyke weaves and her few solo verses were ruined by Beyonce's yelping, deep down I always knew that she was the truly talented one. Granted, her solo albums were rather disappointing minus a few brilliant singles sprinkled in, I knew it was only a matter of time before Kelly would finally break free from the clutches of the evil Knowles Family! Kelly ended her management deal with Beyonce's father and left her record label. The result? We now see Kelly with some kick ass weave belting out tunes that no one would have ever expected her to do! Her popularity overseas is on the rise. She recently did duets with Nadiya, a popular French singer and a Tizianno Ferro a popular Italian singer. Well, the video above is her recent live performance of her collaboration with super DJ David Guetta. I get chills just watching her sing that song! It's like she channeling Donna Summer up on stage! Watch out Beyonce! Your reign of terror is coming to an end!

In other slutty news.....

So my preceptor had to go out of town for a conference this week so yesterday and today I was able to leave Rush at noon and catch up on my sleep! I also caught up with other sex with the HOT medical resident I blogged about awhile back! I love how life works in such mysterious ways......and at all of the right times. My hottie doctor gave me a prostate exam I'll never forget!


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