Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Well, I survived my last week at Rush and my final evaluation was very good.....so good that the critical care PharmD sent me an email telling me that he hopes I consider Rush for post-graduate residency training next year!

Doh! Now I have to rethink my move plans. Do I stay in Chicago and place all my bets on Rush, or do I still move and take my chances elsewhere? It's a tough call because I could get screwed either way. I think this summer, as I begin to look for jobs after graduation, will help me determine where I am going. My heart is set on Miami but I also need to be practical. I don't want to move without a job. Miami already has enough homeless people. lol

Well Memorial Day weekend in Chicago is my chance to partake in the International Mr. Leather festivities! The picture above is actually the same dancer from my b-day party. He was one of many beefaroni go-go boys at the House Of Blue's party on Sunday. I don't dare post a picture of what I was wearing!

This past weekend I also made a visit to see my Gym Sister (who actually doesn't work out at my gym anymore but I don't feel like giving him a new name) at Circuit for Madonna Night! Yes, it was all Madonna, all night. And my gym sister did a fierce job bartending in man-drag as the "Like A Virgin" Madonna. LOL


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