Wednesday, April 09, 2008

La Vida en 4 Minutos

As usual I have been so busy lately it's been hard for me to find time to update my blog. I LITERALLY have every single minute of my days planned out because if I am not studying for one exam, I have an assignment due for another class, or I need to tend to one of the several professional/student organizations I belong to, or I need to work, or go to the gym, or sleep....or.....

You get the picture. Being so busy often leaves me out of the loop with fun stuff that doesn't have to do with school or work. Thank god for the internet otherwise I would have no idea what's going on in the world. I also thank god for the fact my gym has cable tv. If it was for the tv on the treadmill I never would have known Juanes was going to be in Chicago last week Wednesday! Even though I waited until the last minute I was able to get excellent floor seats at the Allstate Arena. I went with Jorgillo and two of his coworkers. I had fun and I was very impressed with the show. Juanes is a great live performer BUT I was a little bitter that he didn't sing anything from his three time Latin Grammy winning debut album. WTF!

Anyhoo, other than that I have been frantically trying to keep up with all of the various obligations I mentioned above. I really can't complain though. I am doing well in school and this summer I will be starting my clinical rotations. The end is near.....sort of!

And speaking of keeping up with the entertainment world at the gym, can I just tell you I had one the most GAYEST moments at the gym the other day. I downloaded the new Madonna & Justin video and suddenly had a mob of homos around me at the gym trying to watch it with me on my iPod! LOL. I feel sorry for any non-Madonna fans who wanted to use the leg press machine for those 4 minutes. They simply couldn't through.

As for the video...I love it. It's fierce! While fallen aging divas like Janet Jackson and Kylie Minogue are struggling to maintain relevant in today's pop world (Janet's album is falling off the charts fast and Kylie's album hasn't even sold 1 million world wide yet! Yikes!) it's quite amazing to see a woman who will be turning 50 this year so effortlessly and flawlessly record a song and video with someone half her age WITHOUT looking ridiculous. Not to mention, this is SOOOOOO much better than the Britney duet she did a few years back. Madonna is fierce and she's got 4 minutes to let us know that!


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