Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spring Break in South Beach

It has been extremely challenging for me to catch up with life since coming back from Miami last week Tuesday. The new quarter at school has begun and I have already fallen behind in ALL of my new classes. Ugh.

Enough of that though, I am still happy I had a chance to get away from this freezing weather. I spent 5 days in South Beach with my friend Leo and a surprise house guest.........Xica! I swear, Xica lives in New Jersey but I see him probably more than some of my friends that live in Chicago. Leo was an absolute sweetheart and an excellent host. He was my guide (and even got me VIP access one night) during the annual Winter Party festival.

For three days I was either bumping and grinding with thousands of half naked men during the day at beach and pool parties or during the night at some of the fiercest night clubs in Miami. I had a blast but I must say by the third day I could not handle the numerous party goers cracked out on every drug known to mankind. In a recent post I blogged about how I actually don't mind the "party bois" on E, but they take things too far in Miami. I met this one cute middle eastern guy but unfortunately he was so drugged up I thought he was about to go into cardiac arrest right there on the dancefloor. Ewww. How tacky! Fortunately not Leo, nor his friends, were like that. If anything I was thrilled to be hanging out with some of the hottest guys in South Beach!

I am sure I molested them once or twice when I was drunk, lol.

The last two days I was there I spent laying out on the beach and shopping. I fucking LOVE the Energie store on Lincoln Road! I found some fierce shit there! I hope they open a store here in Chicago soon.

One other thing I brought back from Miami was the final decision to get that tattoo I had blogged about awhile back. Leo convinced me to get one of those fake tattoos so I could see if I like it.....and well I did. I doubt I will get this same exact design but I think it looked hot! So, in the next month or so I am headed to the tattoo parlour. Stay tuned!

Oh, and that picture was taken right before Xica and I had sex, lol. I don't dare post the OTHER pictures we took! I saved those for that one "website" I belong to......

And before I leave, here is the NEW Janet Jackson video. OMIGOD, it is fucking perfection! I don't what I love more, the choreography or the fact they do everything in one take. Thank god she didn't wear the Lane Bryant outfit! lol


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