Friday, March 14, 2008


So about 6 weeks ago I met this guy. He's really nice. We've gone on a couple dates. He's really nice. I am not sure why I have completely forgotten to blog about this or even mention him to anyone I know in real life because, well, he's really nice. Did I mention how nice he is?


So after 6 weeks it has occurred to me I have only gone on these dates with this guy because "he's really nice". He's not bad looking, but there really is no chemistry and he simply is not my type. Nevertheless I have not had the heart to brush him off like I normally do with all of the psycho trolls I usually meet because well....he's really nice. I am starting to feel a little guilty though because I can tell he is really into me, where I on the other hand, see him calling my cell phone and think to myself "Oh hey, look, it's What's His Face calling. Isn't that nice." Or even worse, when we are out on one of our nice dates and he is telling me how nice I look or nice things he likes to do, I find myself zoning out and thinking about how much laundry I have, the research paper I need to start writing, or the possible contrainidation of using a non-selective beta blocker in a heart failure patient with asthma.

So I am faced with a dilemma. Do I keep accepting all of the nice dinners, nice presents and overall niceness, or do I nicely tell this guy "Hey, you're a nice guy and I have a nice time with you but........I've got better and nicer things to do with my time than to spend it doing nice things with you?" Hmmmm......


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See I know if it were me who was "the nice guy" here, I would totally appreciate an honest dismissal as I would much rather know if the person is totally not interested so I can move on before I get hurt/humiliated. But that's just me, I like people who are blunt and unfiltered.

That's happened to be, both ways of the scenario. You can't always be the one for someone and you can't always click with the person even when you think it could be a good catch..

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