Sunday, March 16, 2008

Design of A Decade

Janet Jackson continues to inspire me with her new album as my 29th birthday approaches tomorrow. I don't plan on having my official celebration until next Friday but I thought I would dedicate a post in order to reflect on the past 10 years. It's the end of my 20's and wow, what a journey it has been!


Ah yes, I was a teenage twink. I was still 19 in this picture taken in the apartment where I grew up in Milwaukee. I was about 50lbs lighter and had sharpie eyebrows. Those were the days!


Here I am with my fag hags.....and yes that is outside of Circuit! We often made trips from Milwaukee to party in Chicago. That night we had just seen Ultra Naté perform her most recent single "Desire". I have no idea who that guy is though. As you can see I was finally starting to gain some weight!


Once again, with my Milwaukee Fag Hags at some bar. We had just met and seen freestyle/salsa singer George Lamond perform. I will always remember that night because some drunk straight girl mistook me for a hetero and started grinding on me. I just about threw up when she started rubbing her coochie on my leg.


This was the day I had been waiting 5 years for. I had just graduated the day before and I was packing my shit up, leaving Milwaukee and moving to Chicago! Reni was the one taking that picture. Homegirl has helped me move so many times she deserves at least a shout out (or a kidney if she ever needs one). LOL


It was hard finding pictures from 2003. I am not sure why. Maybe because I was still establishing new friendships in Chicago? Either way, 2003 was when I was reunited with my Milwaukee Sister and also finally made the switch from PC to a Mac! How I loved my first iMac! It was so cute! Thanks Sista M for showing me the light!


I think 2004 was the probably one of the craziest years for me. I finally decided it was time to start thinking about going back to school. I also was partying way too much. I believe 2004 also marked my initial "slut phase". LOL Here I am with Fernando and Jorgillo at my 25th birthday bash. I do not recall exactly why Fernando was trying to molest me but Jorgillo looked a little upset. Maybe he wanted a part of the action too?


I wish I had pictures from the FIRST Halloween party that I wore that soldier outift. That party was the best. I mean, I woke up the next day in a puddle of my own vomit. It doesn't get better than that! Nevertheless, this Halloween party was a blast. It most definitely had the best decorations ever! I remember I had just moved down town at this point and was beginning the lengthy application process for pharmacy school.


My first time in New York City wouldn't have been complete without a good fingering by a bronze statue! Woo hoo! That was the best prostate massage I ever got! Besides sex with inanimate objects, 2006 was also when I FINALLY made it to pharmacy school. God, there sure were enough obstacles to that one!


My 28th birthday in 2007 is going to be hard to beat. Reni made a surprise trip just to be there and I don't think it would have been the same with her........or "Vag". LOL. Writing this also reminds me it was Reni's birthday on the 10th. Ooops. I do this every year. I forget her birthday until 7 days later when it is time for mine! I love you Reni!

2007 was a great year in general. No need to rehash all of the details as I am sure I blogged about all of them, but here is another pic from the ASHP Midyear Meeting I attended in Las Vegas with my Pretty Lesbian Friend. I was in total dork mode and extremely excited to be standing next to my PT Cruiser rental car! lol


And now here I am in Miami, about to turn 29, but if anyone asks, I am only 24! *winks*


Blogger musicbeing said...

Happy Birthday!

I love it. You have changed so much in 10 years! But who wants to be 24?? I'd much rather have someone who has passed his "akward 20's" and has a great idea of who he is than a youngun :)

But congrats to your decade!!

2:07 AM  
Blogger bomitoni said...

omg....gurl you had some straight up pretarican sharpie eyebrows!!'s funny cause whenever i think of u, i still remember the skinny kid i met at la cage years ago, and i am sure you remember me being about 1 foot taller thanks to my platforms. lol. omg is that juicy lucy???? i only remember her w/ orange hair. LOL!!!!!! maybe we'll run into "vag" again. you should have exchanged numbers last year. it was a hoot!!!!

happy birthday sista m.

3:41 PM  

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