Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lemonade $ale

I work in a very affluent and wealthy suburb of Chicago. I am normally not impressed by fancy cars or big houses but even I must say the mansions and multiple sports cars sitting in the drive ways is a bit intimidating. These people literally are millionaires. What confuses me though are the lemonade stands on every corner. Why the fuck are these rich spoiled brats having to sell lemonade? Certainly if their parents can afford a $3 million dollar home and 20 Mexicans to take of gardening they could also afford to give little Susie, Betty and Coby a fucking increase in their weekly allowance so they don't have to jump in front of my car screaming ?"Lemonade for sale!!!!!!"

Those kids are going to grow up to resent their parents big time for not having shared the wealth! Now, you know you will never see any of this lemonade nonsense in an impoverished ghetto Chicago hood. No one is going to risk getting ganked for their lemonade money. Besides, why sell lemonade when there is a greater demand for pot, coke, or crystal meth.

Silly suburbanites.


Blogger L'Innommable said...


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Blogger musicbeing said...

They allow it because they think it's cute for kids to sell lemonade.......

Just like when they have their kids on their voice mail greetings.

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