Friday, July 04, 2008

Bachelor Beefaroni

If there are any readers of People Magazine out there, then it is quite likely you have already seen the incredibly hot and sexy photo shoot Mario Lopez did in honor of the magazine declaring him this summer's sexiest bachelor. Well I had to buy two copies of the magazine just incase my excessive masturbating ruined one of them! Mario recreated iconic beefcake photos of the past, such as Marky Mark's Calvin Klein underwear ads from back in the 90's.

Um wow. Just think. Mark was in his early 20's when he posed in his tighty whities and now we have Mario who will be turning 35 this year looking 100000 times better! You know, I get much satisfaction from seeing so much Mario Lopez coverage in the past year. This isn't because I practically orgasm everytime I imagine his hard, muscular body pressed up against mine doing things that I have only seen in porn, but for so many years my Mario obsession was ridiculed by people around me. I felt like a crack fiend who had to indulge in my addiction behind closed doors to avoid being caught. Well, now Mario and I have the last laugh! Mr. Lopez has come a long way from his Saved By The Bell years.....and I only hope he continues to cum some more!


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