Sunday, June 29, 2008

All Gayed Out

So "Gay Pride" weekend has taken over Chicago but I am just not feeling motivated to do any celebrating this year. That in itself is ironic since last year I was actually IN the parade and this year I am back living in Boystown. That's just it. I am all gayed out. It's Saturday night and I didn't even feel like dealing with all of the fucking lines and cover charges at the clubs tonight so I decided just to stay at home and blog. As for the parade tomorrow, the thought of having to fight my way through a crowd of 300,000 people just to get to a bar that is going to over charge crappy drinks and be filled to the capacity with drunk homos just doesn't seem like fun this year. Nevertheless I will go to the parade so I can see my friends and hopefully not be such a spoil sport once I get some alcohol flowing through my veins.

In other news, I recently met a very handsome and charming gentleman. I am sure he has some huge skeleton in the closet just waiting to burst out and come crashing down on me but for now I shall not speculate too much. He has gone to Europe for the next three weeks so hopefully we can resume where we left off when he returns. There is still much I would like to know about this mystery man.


Blogger bomitoni said...

Don't worry...we'll make sure you're all liquored up!!!! Pride itself is rather annoying, but I just love being drunk w/ so many others :P

11:20 AM  

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