Sunday, July 13, 2008


So as I was at the grocery store today purchasing all of my vegetarian and low carb goodies, when I was assaulted by a slew of celebrity magazines and tabloids newspapers all featuring the supposed affair between Madonna and Alex Rodriguez. I generally don't care about celebritys' extramarital shenanigans, but the odd obsession the media has with this story got me thinking about Mr. Rodriguez. I am not a baseball fan (which is strange considering the game revolves around a long phallic object, balls, and hot men in skin tight pants) so I really didn't know who this guy was before this big "scandal". I can't decide if this Dominican Daddy is a total Beefaroni DILF or a cross eyed special olympic reject.

In some pictures he looks so sexy I can't but to fantasize mounting his big baseball bat and seeing just how good A-Rod's rod feels.

Then there are other pics that make me wonder if Alex was the result of some sort of twisted Nazi mutant DNA cloning experiment gone haywire.

Hmmmmmm....only time will tell how I ultimately feel about this subject far more important than life itself!


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