Monday, February 23, 2009

The Darkside

At times I think I can be a little self absorbed (ok, alot of times, LOL). BUT sometimes I like to step away and observe. I like to take the opportunity to see what's going on when nobody notices. The things you can learn about people when they don't think anyone is watching them is amazing. Actually, it can be down right shocking. I sometimes wonder how many people out there are living a double life. They show one face to family and friends and then........their darkside comes out in front of people other than family and friends.

The darkside. How many of us have one? How man of us want to keep it hidden? How many of us wish we could indulge in it more often?

I think I need to spend more time observing. The things I am learning about people around me is absolutely fascinating.....if not a little worrisome.


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