Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I live here, bitch.

This past weekend I made a semi-last minute trip to NYC. My Homegirl Wanda moved there last summer and I have been meaning to visit him for awhile. Two things have been stopping me: time and money. Airfares to New York have been ridiculously expensive and with no more time off from school apart from 2 weeks in May until I graduate it's not been possible to get away. However, thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King's dream I didn't have classes this past Monday.....and the Friday preceding it I only had an exam review session that wasn't mandatory. So with my sudden 4-day weekend and the shear LUCK of getting a plane ticket for only $160 on Price Line I made a trip to the Big Apple. This impromptu trip wouldn't have been possible either if it wasn't for New York's fierce trains and public transportation. I didn't have to wonder how I would get from the airport to the city or fuck around getting a rental car.

Wanda and I spent the days taking advantage of the failing economy. Just about everything I bought was marked down to ridiculously cheap prices. Our evenings were spent in Wanda's apartment so I could catch up on my studying (I have TWO midterms this week!) and our late nights were spent at G Lounge. My recollection of Saturday night in particular is quite patchy but let's just say I am glad I found Wanda and didn't get raped by the scary Pretto-Rican outside the porn shop!

Coming back was a bit of a pain. My flight was delayed several hours. However, I used my time wisely to do more studying! I am such an amazing multi-tasker!


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