Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Profitable Pootang

So everyone is talking about Michael Phelps being pictured with a bong. Oh my fucking God. Who the fuck cares? Can we talk about what really matters? Like how I want to see what's under those tiny little Speedos? (Even I will admit though, it's a shame about the face.....)

This entire controversy reminds me of a conversation I had with my friend, Michelle, one day. We were discussing politics and we both agreed that we tend to support the actions and beliefs of others that we may not necessarily approve for ourselves. For example, I think prostitution should be legal. If a woman can say she has the right to do what she wants with her body when she wants an abortion, why can't she sell her pussy too? Really, it makes sense. Who's business is it if she wants to make some pootang profit? If she gives the pussy up for free and gets pregnant she can go and abort the fetus but if it is proven in a court of law that she gave that pussy up for $50 she is a criminal? It makes no sense to me. I say legalize prostitution. I wouldn't ever sell my mangina but I completely support others that want to. Legalizing prostitution by means of brothels would actually help clean up the streets and put the abusive pimps out of business. Let's not forget about all of that taxable revenue the government could collect!

This brings me back to Michael Phelps. So he smoked some pot? Who cares? It's only an issue because our government has told us, much like prostitution, that marijuana is BAD. Would there be a big fuss if Mr. Phelps was photographed guzzling a 40oz malt beverage? Probably not because alcohol is socially acceptable and legal, despite the fact that alcoholism is currently destroying the lives and health of millions of Americans. Unless you drive or operate machinery while high, occasional pot use is probably less harmful than drinking or smoking cigarrettes. I personally don't smoke pot and have no desire to do so, but if Americans can fuck up their lives and livers with alcohol and think that is ok, I say let Michael light up some mary jane and enjoy life.

Now, it is a crime that he hasn't done anything to fix that nasty grill of his! Geez!


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Lawls. Superb post, honaye.

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