Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Is Hallmark Hiring?

It always brings tears to my eyes reading the Craig's List Missed Connection ads. This is the best I've seen in ages. Seriously, this guy should write greeting card for Hallmark.

my ass dropping prince on AA Airlines from STL to Chicago 12/30 - m4m - 26 (you farted. ALOT.)

"you sat next to me on the plane, row 19 maybe? you had the window seat i had the aisle seat. i couldn't help but to inhale your intoxicating farts you dropped before take-off. i knew, that you knew what you were doing and it really got me horny. are you into eating farts? i'd love to exchange anal blasts with you sometime. respond with how many skid marks you left in your pants so i know it's you."


Blogger bomitoni said...

LOL!!! that is the funniest sh*t i've ever read!!!!

9:17 PM  

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