Monday, April 13, 2009

My Nutella Wish

My diet is generally low in processed carbohydrates. Granted when I get shit faced I tend to splurge but since I only get drunk once a month that isn't very often. It is very rare for me to buy sweets at the grocery store. I simply can't handle the sudden spike in my blood sugars! BUT....during my last trip to (the) Jewel I couldn't resist buying some Nutella. I had always been curious to try this product and I must confess that after less than one week half the jar is empty. I fucking love this stuff! I can't believe I never tried this stuff before. But I need to be careful! With 21 grams of sugar per serving this could mess up my tight glycemic control! I don't want to end up with diabetes!

And my other random thought for the day involves a wish. I wish I could sing. Well, I guess I can sing but I wish I could sing good, like American Idol finalist good. I wouldn't want to be a famous recording artist like Gay Aiken or Kelly Clitface.....BUT....for just one day i would want to be one of those jerks that shows up to a karaoke bar and ruins everyone else's drunken, tone deaf fun by belting out a tune with all of my 5 octaves! Seriously though, I normally hate people like that. Karaoke isn't meant for GOOD singers. Nevertheless, it would be fun to actually have a talent that I could show off....even if all of the drunk people singing Celine Dion songs would kick my ass afterwards.


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