Tuesday, April 07, 2009

All Over His Face

Back in January I blogged about an absolutely HILARIOUS encounter with a former "friend" who literally ran the other way when he saw me at a club. I couldn't understand how after all these years he could still care about the way our friendship ended (especially considering he was the one who lied!) but I laughed it off.

Well, my how things can change in just a matter of a few months!

I ran into this individual again at the most UNLIKELY place. This time we were both by ourselves and he didn't run away. In fact, his hands were all over me and his tongue was down my throat before I barely could finish asking him "So are you going to run away this time?" LOL

Well, things eventually heated up even more. You see, when I knew this person years ago there was always TONS of sexual tension between us yet we never did anything. I now regret this because I discovered this weekend he is well equipped! Anyhoo, to make a long story short, I left my DNA all over his face (much like Cazwell raps about in the video), grabbed my belongings and left the poor boy with a bad case of blue balls. Normally I would followed through to make sure we both finished but this was simply one of those moments in life that are too good to fuck up.

Afterwards I couldn't stop laughing about the situation. It was all quite ironic really. I never really gave much thought about this individual after what happened so many years ago, but in retrospect I must say I think he ended up with what he deserved!


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