Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hospital Hottie

So my posts have been scarce lately because last week was busy as fuck. It was my final week at Weiss Memorial on my general medicine rotation and the pharmacy director dropped the bomb on us and gave us this impossible quality assurance project to complete in four days. Mind you, this was the same guy who for the past five weeks barely spent any of the time with us students. I was very disappointed by my experience there. The other staff pharmacists weren't very helpful and the hospital itself is poorly run. I wouldn't want to be a patient there, much less work there!

This week I have started my ICU (intensive care unit) rotation at Rush University Medical Center. Well after the first two days I can see this will not only be the hardest rotation yet but I am going to learn alot. My preceptor is the PharmD Critical Care specialist. He is well known in the pharmacy world but I am happy to report he is very down to earth and very concerned that I learn as much as possible. My days are long. I need to be there every morning at 6AM and if I am lucky I leave around 4pm. Fortunately, mixed in with all of the stuff I am learning there is a lot of eye candy. In fact, I bumped into this uber hot guy from my gym today. I had no idea he was a physician! I think we were both a little startled. I say hi to him at the gym but I have never really talked to him. Oddly, he really wouldn't be my type but now knowing he's a fellow healthcare profession his hotness level just went up 900%! LOL. Being able to discuss septic shock in the intensive care unit with a hot guy always turns me on! Grrrrr!

So I am going to have to be even stricter than ever with my schedule for the next 6 weeks. Putting in 50-60 hours a week at Rush, PLUS working the weekends, PLUS doing whatever outside reading/research I need to do for my rotation barely leaves me time to use the bathroom!


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