Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Morals are for pussies.

So last year I went on a few dates with an UBER hot security guard/cop from my job. He ended up being a complete loser so I severed all contact with him. I believe I even blogged about this situation.....

Anyhoo, so I haven't seen this hottie around since then. I wasn't even sure if he still worked at my job, but the past week I have bumped into him twice. Both times his eyes lit up when he saw me. We didn't have time for much talking but these encounters suddenly got me thinking. Would I be able to go out with this guy again despite what happened? I won't deny the fact that I still think he is UBER hot. But, would I be disrepecting myself if I gave into temptation? Would this go against my good Christian morals?

'Hell to the no' as Whitney Houston once said!

I am not looking for a boyfriend at this point in time, but I already know this guy isn't boyfriend material. So, I essentially would use him for a free dinner and sex. We never did have sex when we first dated but I suspect it would be good. Once when he was drunk he admitted to having a large penis. While this is a comment 99% of men will make, I definitely believed him......unless that massive bulge in his jeans was a severely advanced case of testicular cancer. He was also an amazing kisser. So my homo instincts tell me it would be a good time in bed!

So I shall wait and see what happens...but I will be stocking up on the Trojan Magnums just in case!


Anonymous Ren said...

Hell to the No live it XXX! Hahahahahahahaha.. And thats why I love Ya!

9:13 PM  
Blogger bomitoni said...

Was this the guy who had the Barrio Boyzz circa 1994 haircut? LOL!

3:17 PM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

YES!!!!!!! "Donde quiera que estes........."

4:20 PM  

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