Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Drag Me To.......Employment

It's so rare for me to actually have time to see a new movie in the theaters that I had to blog about this! "Drag Me To Hell" isn't as scary as the title might make you believe but actually borders more on camp/comedy. It's like a modern day "Evil Dead"!

Apart from the movie I had the opportunity to finally go out with Fernichael and my Milwaukee Sister this past weekend, none of whom I had seen since my birthday! Our night out resulted in a near death experience when a drunk driver crashed into the parked car I was in but fortunately I was so trashed when it happened that I can't say I am too distraught by what happened. I referred to these 2 weeks I had off as my "pseudo summer vacation" but the truth is I have had very little time to do anything fun. Last week I spent cleaning out closets and throwing out tons of SHIT! There was so much crap that had been moving with me from apartment to apartment over the past 7 years that it was time to get rid of it! If I haven't used it by now I never will. As for the stuff with some sort of value, I placed all of that crap on Ebay. I even sold my old iMac to a friend of mine who needed a computer ASAP after his was destroyed by a virus.

This week I spent time sending out my CV in the hopes of finding a job. I am still concentrating on Miami. I heard back from two recruiters but it still might be too soon to look. They also told me that the job markets are extremely saturated in the big cities. If I don't find a job in Miami I won't be moving....however the job market isn't much different in Chicago either. I don't know where I will be come October 1st but I do know that I will not be renewing my lease. I like to prepare for the worse possible scenario. I may simply move ANYWHERE in the US if that's what it takes to find a job or I have an offer to live in someone's basement for free in Andersonville should I still have no job in October. LOL. I guess I am somewhat comforted knowing this.

So naturally I am still in a crummy mood. My vacation has probably been the least fun filled vacation I have ever had, but I suppose that is simply a consequence of having to prioritizing and unfortunately going out and getting drunk isn't a priority right now. That makes my liver very sad :(


Anonymous Ren said...

I hope your okay from the accident nothing can happen to you k! I sure hope you finally tossed those candy canes!LOL You kept those damn things forever. I still remember what I cooked for dinner....I can't remember yesterday but I can remember that day. No worries about work. Jobs might seem scarce but not for pharmacists! TC

10:22 PM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

There are jobs for pharmacists....just difficult to get one in a good area. And hell no, I still got them Candy Canes!

1:20 PM  
Anonymous ren said...

It will not be difficult for you! You have an strong background and amazing experience you'll be fine miami here you come!!! teeheehee I can't believe you stil have the mother flippin candy canes!!!!!! LOL

11:05 PM  

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