Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Another Chapter

This past weekend I had a blast at Market Days with my MIlwaukee Sister and Rob. I managed to get trashed without experiencing a hangover the next day! Lucky me! What made the day especially delightful was my chance to see Miss Jody Watley perform live. I met her a few years ago but this was my first time seeing her perform a complete set list.

Jody Watley is one of those singers I grew up listening to as a kid. She's also one of the few singers that has evolved and continues to inspire me with her music now as an adult. I have always admired Jody because as her mainstream appeal dissipated in the late 90's she continued with her muscial vision and started her own record company. Her musical direction also took a drastic turn as she began to explore drum and bass, trip hop and disco. This past weekend I was reminded of her first venture into this underground/afterhours lounge sound. in 1999 she released a very limited edition album in Japan that I have treasured ever since I stumbled across it one lucky day in a music store many years ago. I have felt like my life has been in such a state of distress and disequilibrium that I really feel like I have just been going through the motions. As Jody puts it, I have been living in the past and fearing the future.....which really isn't living at all. Well, I am ashamed to admit that I forgot that sometimes the best therapy is right there on my cd shelf (or in my iTunes library lol). "Another Chapter" is exactly how I need to approach things right now. Thank you Miss Jody Watley!


Blogger Mike said...

Jody is an absolute icon of mine. It's a shame that she's become such an underground phenonemon while boring hos like Rihanna (that can't even sing) score hit after hit. Jody needs to hook up with RedOne and release a hot new jam!

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