Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Best Buy Fetish

I had a revelation today while standing in line at the Sbarro in the shopping mall a few miles from my school (I had to be on campus today). I was staring at this guy in a blue shirt and was totally mesmerized. I think I even got a semi. The line was moving REALLY slow so I had time to ponder what it was about this guy that was soooo sexy. At first I thought it was his smile but I realized it was a little crooked. He was kind of skinny too so there were no bulging biceps to get my attention. In fact, he was a very average looking caucasian suburbanite who just happened to be wearing his blue Best Buy shirt. He must have been on his lunch break. It was then that I realized I was not only holding up the line at Sbarro but my attraction for this guy had very little to do with his looks. I have a Best Buy employee fetish.

I suppose I have noticed this in the past. Whenever I go in a Best Buy there never fails to be at least 2 or 3 geeky young men who probably aren't older than 23 that get my heart racing. I just want them to bend me over and give me the best Best Buy special I have ever had in my life.

I am such a perv.

Anyhoo, other than my Best Buy revelation, this week has been shitty. I thought I had possibly found a job but that kind of fell through before I could even get a chance to blog about my excitement after having my first job interview. Shit happens I guess but I am in the middle of SHIT getting slung at me from all directions and it is getting extremely difficult to stay in a good mood or even bother socializing for that matter. Which I suppose is actually a good thing because now I don't think my money is going last until October unless I get a job before then or can pick up tons of extra hours at my current job in September. And working extra hours presents another problem because even on the few dates I do want to go out I can't and I can't tell my boss to take me off the schedule after I have already asked him to put me on for extra dates.

In addition to the whole job frustration I still have one more rotation to finish so I have to maintain a professional attitude and somehow be a nice student and shit so I don't fail. This normally comes natural for me but I worry every day about where I am going to be living in two months when my lease ends. Of course, I can't make plans to move somewhere if I still don't even know where the fuck I am going to be working.

Then on top of all of this I am trying to get started on a research paper with the help of the infectious diseases PharmD at my school. This is all with the hopes of having a published paper by this winter so I can have something extra to brag about on my CV when I am looking for post-grad programs.

Oh yeah, and I have to start studying for my licensure exams and meet the deadlines for some other shit for graduation.

So I am a little bitchy right now. Never in my life have I had so may resposibilities on top of such great uncertainty of my future. I am graduating in 7 weeks and I should be happy but I'm not. To avoid any conflicts with some of my more dramatic friends I have actually been avoiding phone calls. The extra stress simply isn't welcome right now.

Hopefully my next post will find me in a better mood. I think a hook-up with a nerdy Best Buy employee could do the trick.


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Doll, I love this blog. So great to find another Toy fan!

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