Saturday, July 11, 2009

Will Suck For Food

So I am finally starting to feel the recession! I was always a later bloomer I suppose. As my graduation date gets closer and I still have no idea where I will be working, I have been watching my money (and credit cards!) VERY closely. I have been limiting my nights outs, avoiding clothing stores and trying to only buy music cd's that are used or on sale at Best Buy for 7.99. lol

However, during these HARD times I find myself having to resort to extreme measures in order to supplement my monthly income. I have been making frequent visits to a shady, industrial part of town where I use my sucking skils in exchange for cash. The situations don't take away my dignity but they do leave a sticky mess afterwards.

Obviously, I am referring to the consumer taste testing research center at the Wrigley (the gum/candy company) building here in Chicago! I have been doing this for quite some time now. The Wrigley company pays ordinary people like me to come for an hour and taste new products that they are developing. The monetary compensation is quite nice too! Let's just say I make more in that one hour chewing a new fruit flavor gum or new variety of hard candy than I would make at my regular job! This month the money I made was enough to pay for my gas and internet! Now that is fierce!


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