Friday, July 03, 2009

20 Ounces of Frustration

Why is it so hard to find 20oz bottles of soda in 6 packs when I go to the grocery store? Have Coke and Pepsi stopped making them? All they have now are those tiny 8oz bottles or the huge ass fat girl 24 oz bottles. It fucking gets on my nerves. Fortunately I love Dr. Pepper and they are still making the 20oz bottles. I know this sounds trivial but little things can bother me sometimes.

Another thing pissing me off is that Starbucks has temporarily discontinued the "Vivanno". I loved them. It was an icey creamy blend of chocolate, protein, real banana and a shot of espresso. They were yummy in winter and even better in summer.....well, until now that they aren't serving them anymore for some unknown reason. The last time I did my grocery shopping I was so bummed that I couldn't sip on a Vivanno while filling my cart with low-carb goodies (the Vivanno was actually low in sugar FYI).

Speaking of the grocery store I need to get there soon. I had today off from my internship. Technically though it was a pseudo-day off because I had to work on a research paper that i JUST completed and emailed less than an hour ago. My next project is a presentation which is due on Wednesday so I still have time to procrastinate on that one.

Now that this post has turned into a bunch or randomness, can I say I how jealous I am of the girl in the neighborhood that screams so loud during sex that it echos through the entire block and alley. She must have the most amazing boyfriend.....or a space age dildo. Either way, I want to know what her secret is. She puts the girls in porn to shame. If I was hearing her for the first time I would think she's getting murdered! LOL


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Lawls, that last bit is hilaaaaaaaaarious!

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