Thursday, July 30, 2009

"like a coffee machine in an office"

I am LOVING the new Shakira song, "She Wolf". As usual it is branded with her VERY unique take on the english language, but in my opinion that is what has made her english language recordings since 2001 so appealing. You never get any tired lyrical cliches (unline Madonna who's always "waiting and anticipating" about something or the other)

The video has just leaked and you can find it here....

She Wolf World Premiere

Shakira has an outfit that Beyonce only wishes she had used during the Single Ladies video, a blonde weave that makes Britney look like a cheap 2-cent hooker, sexy moves that Kylie hasn't had since her disco hey-day of Spinning Around, and a flexibility that even Madonna would be intimidated by. All the while Shakira maintains her quirkiness to ensure that everyone knows that yes, this is indeed Shakira. I was a bit turned off by her last english album due to its generic and stale attempt at mainstream success (really Shakira, your hips don't lie as you hire a rent-a-rapper and sing over a previously released song?) but she has redeemed herself!


Welcome back Shakira!


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Doll, you speak THE TRUTH!

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