Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I am making my official cyberspace announcement that the Chicago Sexbox Psycological and Social Services Department is officially closed until further notice!

I have a handful of extremely high maintenance friends who come to me with their problems and issues quite frequently (despite the fact they made the same stupid mistakes a few months back and ignored my original advice). However, with my financial future as uncertain as it is I simply cannot tend to these friends anymore. I have never had to do this but my offers to help people are no longer valid. In fact, I am not answering my phone anymore when certain individuals call me wanting me to help their new "boyfriend" move even though this "boyfriend" is just some guy he met 2 months ago and has been cheating on the entire time and I already got suckered into helping him move the past 3 times and he called me last minute and he had already made a promise to stop moving in with strange boys and stabilize his life.

Wow, I think that was a run on sentence there that probably didn't make much sense.

Anyhoo, if you are reading this and were thinking of calling me up with your problems and unusual requests to take advantage of my generosity please fuck off. I am not open for business.


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