Sunday, August 09, 2009

Stop Looking At Me!

Have you ever disliked someone for no apparent reason except that their simple existence was enough to irk the fuck out of you?

There are four door-men that work in my appartment building. One is Pakastani and is a very nice. Most of the time he is too busy chatting on his cell phone to bother with much small talk. He's kind of like a cab driver I guess except he spends his job sitting at a desk instead of behind a wheel. The second guy is an older gentleman. He is nice too. I have yet to figure out if he speaks english. He either addresses everyone in his native tongue or his accent is so thick his "english" isn't inteligible. Either way I just smile and he leaves me alone. The third guy is a chubby guy that looks like a Metallica reject. Once again, nice guy and doesn't get on my nerves.

BUT, the fourth door man is an elderly man that fucking pisses me off. I am not sure if it is just him or the fact 90% of the elderly population irk the fuck out of me. All of the old ladies in the building adore this man. He seems well liked by the building management too. I try to avoid him at all costs. Once he gets talking he never shuts up BUT the thing I hate the most is the way he looks at me. Everytime I am coming or going he looks at me like he has never seen a human being enter or leave the apartment building. This especially annoys me when I am coming back from the grocery store and my hands are filled with bags. He stares at me so intently as if he senile old brain is working extra hard to decipher the sight before him. I didn't realize a person with grocery bags could confuse an elderly man so easily.

So maybe I sound liek a cranky weirdo for disliking the old door man that everyone else seems to love but I don't care! Stop looking at me damn it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

U make too much of an impression on him, he gasps and his eyes bulge . If u just stand there a bit he might just keel right over. Ur bulges are enough of a reason to stare. i dont blame him at all.
Wasnt he on duty the night u wore ur leather getup, ur
rearless chaps could have made for a glaring session.
said a kylie minogue fan

1:08 PM  

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