Friday, July 22, 2005

Beefaroni for the weekend!

Well, I am going to be busy this weekend, so before I forget........My Beefaroni Pick Of The Week is..........Mario Lopez!

I have lusted over this man since he was mullet haired "Slater" on the NBC sitcom "Saved By The Bell". My obsession really kicked in when I saw Mario showing off his nice package in speedos for the USA Network movie "The Greg Louganis Story". He is THE PERFECT man IMO. Yum, those pecs, those abs, those thighs, those dimples! Grrr!
Anyhoo, it is a shame his career consists of hosting a pet show on the Animal Planet channel, but if you do want to see one of his cheapie movies, I highly suggest "Outta Time". It's very fun! Or if you want to see Mario take off his shirt alot, try "Eastside".


Blogger bomitoni said...

Grrrr! AC Slater can rock my world anyday! I still get wet thinking about him in that ballet outfit on SAVED BY THE BELL! Lol! Mario López should do a nudie calander!!!

8:57 AM  

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