Sunday, September 25, 2005

And HELL it was!

So yesterday I went with my favorite Cunty Bitch to see Hellbent, the gay horror film that I had talked about a few posts ago. Well, I have a tendency to enjoy trashy movies, but even I will admit this movie was crap. There were some funny moments and the ending was a little suspenseful, but overall I don't even know why they bothered making this mess. Thank god for the hot actor, Andrew Levitas that played "Chazz". Apparently he was on "Party Of Five" and "The Nanny" and also appeared in another independent film I saw a few years ago, "Psycho Beach Party" (now that one is funny!). Good lord he was so hot I thought I was going to bust a nut right there in the movie theater. I controlled myself though since I didn't think my friend would have appreciated that. However, he was too busy checking out the scary old man sitting next to him, lol. I think it was love at first sight for those two!

Other than that, I downloaded the new OBK album, "Feeling". It's fucking fierce! For those who aren't familiar with OBK, they are a pop/electro group from Spain. I DO plan on purchasing the album, but the mp3's I donwloaded will have to do for now, since the import probably won't show up in the US for a couple weeks.

SO I leave you guys with this week's Beefaroni, Andrew Levitas aka Chazz....


Blogger Marc said...

Well, the movie was pretty bad, but your friend seems so nice. I think he's the victim since he's YOUR friend. I am sure you tried stealing the hottie next to him too, because you're pretty trashy like that!

9:15 PM  
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