Thursday, September 08, 2005

Drug Dealers Of America

This week has been quite uneventful. Today I was at the first general meeting for the Pre-Pharmacy Club (aka Future Drug Dealers Of America) at school. Since I am the secretary my presence was absolutely vital! Who else who have passed around the attendance sheet? lol
Ooooh, there is a cutie though this year in the club. He's too skinny to be called beefaroni (apparently there were some rules as to the proper use of the word 'beefaroni' that my Milwaukee Sister forgot to tell me about!) but this boy is bootylicious. He is in another one of my classes and I have already made sure to sit next to him and strike up a friendly conversation. I doubt he's gay, but it doesn't hurt to have eye candy so close :)

Actually, the number of hot boys at my school is ridiculous. I find it hard to concentrate as I walk from class to class. I am so busy looking at biceps, chests, bulges, butts, etc, that I am afraid one of these days I am going to walk into a garbage can or wall or something........
The other day I was at the school gym when this hot guy that looked like Vin Diesel went to take a shower. It's such a shame I was jsut arriving and I couldn't take a shower too so I could have seen all of his 'assets'. But let me tell you, he had the pecs of an olympic god. Grrrr......

Let's see.....what else.....ah yes, I have begun to pack. I don't move for another three weeks, but I am not going to have alot of time so I have to utilize my free time wisely.

um, has anyone else heard the new Madonna song, "Hung Up"? If you got to you can hear a clip of the song. It is FIERCE! I think Madonna is about to make a big comeback. After that entire "American Life" fiasco things weren't looking good for her, but her new album, "Confessions On A Dancefloor", sounds like it is going to be the pop/dance gem we have been waiting for since "Music". I can't wait!


Blogger dave said...

well, welcome to my world, eso me pasa cada vez que voy al club, cuando los beefaronis salen del gym es como un happy hour para un alcohólico jajajaja

por cierto te comento aqui del post del concierto, me caigo de risa con el naco boyfriend indígena, y eso sucede en todos ladosss, porque demonios parejas asi se van al frente y empiezan a fajonear?? como si fuese un fetish para ellos. como dices tu, es mejor el baño del café o del antro jajaja

saludos chigago sexy boy

11:11 AM  

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