Friday, September 23, 2005

Teenage Pornography

Undergear, International Male, Men's Workout, the men's underwear department

Teenagers nowadays have it easy. Pornography is readily available to any curious youngster that has access to the internet. It's not fair! I was having a disucssion the other day with my Milwaukee Sister about the measures we took as teenagers growing up the 90's to obtain porn. Well, we both confessed to having masturbated to Undergear/International Male catalogues and those men's workout magazines! Those catalagues were (and still are) so risque. You could practically see a guy's entire dick through the tiny semi-transparent underwear and swimsuits they wore. Even to this day I still look forward to my new Undergear catalogue arriving in the mail. In fact, I have developed a crush on several of the recurring models. This one is my favorite and was Beefaroni a few weeks back

In addition to the catalogues, when I went shopping with my mother and she was busy in the women's department, I would head over to the men's underwear section and fantasize about all of the hot underwear models. My obesession became out of control though when I would actually tear off the front covers of the underwear boxes! The Calvin Klein bikin brief model shared many intimate moments with me in my bedroom. I often wonder what happened to all of my "teen porn" that I used to collect. Perhaps I threw it away once I started buying real porn? hmmmmmm....

The first time I purchased REAL gay porn was when I was 16. There was a store not far from my highschool where they never checked ID's, so one day after school I got enough courage to go there by myself. I was so embarrased to be buying a gay porn that I tried to make it look better by buying two straight videos and three Hustler/Playboy magazines. Anyhoo, you can imagine the look of horror on my face when I was paying for my items and the lady at the cash register had to do a price check. She started screaming really loud "Hey Susie, I need a price check on LATEX LATINS.......", I wanted to die because there were several people behind me! It's ironic to think now, 10 years later, I can casually browse the prono magazines at Tower Records and not give a shit if someone sees me!


Blogger bomitoni said...

omg i think i even still have a scrapbook i made w/ my fave models (aka the ones w/ the see thru underpants!!!!!). and those men's workout mags always had gay porn ads in the back! they knew their market!

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