Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fire Walk With Me

Twin Peaks! I am rediscovering this cult classic thanks to the wonders of DVDs. When I was 11, I remember watching Twin Peaks and becoming mesmerized by this ground breaking ABC drama. Mind you, this series wasn't necessarily aimed at children, but I was not your ordinary 11 year old. I have always had a taste for the odd and quirky things in life, and Twin Peaks definitely struck a chord with me. In fact, I became so intrigued (as was most of the nation at the time) with the mystery of "Who Killed Laura Palmer" that I even made a chalk drawing of the above cadaver photo in my art class in junior high. I am sure my art teacher though it was a bit macabre, but I didn't care. In fact I still have the chalk drawing under my bed.

Last year on ebay, I came across the entire 2 seasons (Twin Peaks was a short lived show, too surreal for the mainstream masses I suppose)on a DVD set that was sold only in Spain. Luckliy I have a multi-ragion DVD player. I rarely have time to watch tv so the DVD's sat in my house, until a few weeks ago when I finally started to watch them. My god, this show was brilliant! It was so ahead of its time mixing humor, drama, symbolism, vivid visual presentaion, quirky characters, plot twists and spontaneity. Even 14 years after it was cancelled, there are still pages and pages of theories and questions left unanswered about the various plot lines, characters and imagery. I loved the show as a kid but now as an adult I am able to appreciate it even more!

I still can't decide who my favorite character was. Perhaps the "Log Lady"?

Hmm.....unfortunately, I don;t think I know anyone else that is equally fascinated by this series, which means I am going to be watching all of the episodes by myself! Bummer! :(


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