Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Life Goes On...and its Perfection!

Creo que el tiempo lo resolverá
con calma
no gastes tu vida en llorar
por ti
el mundo vuelve a girar contigo o sin ti...será
no creo que tú te quieras quedarte aquí
y morir

Siempre habrá otro lugar
y siempre habrá otra respuesta
la vida no va a parar
te quedas o te vas

Porque siempre hay alguien más
que te dirá que te quiere
la vida no va a parar
te quedas o te vas

Who would have though the simple lyrics of Belanova's "Te Quedas O Te Vas" could be such practical advice. Even during bad times, the world does keep on turning. Whether we keep going also is up to us. Despite a not so great weekend, I must say I have jumped right back into the swing of things this week. Actually, I am probably too overwhelmed with school right now to really waste time worry about anything else. I got my organic chemistry exam back this week. I only got an 86%, but the professor does apply a small curve, so that actually comes out to be an "A". Woo hoo! Now next week I have to worry about a physics exam......ugh.


Anyone who knows me, can attest to the fact that I am obsessed with Dannii Minogue, Kylie Minogue's younger, prettier and more talented sister! Well, after MANY delays (Dannii's a perfectionist, what can she say?) Dannii's new single is about to be released overseas. Hopefully we will see a North American release also, but if not, there is always The new song is called "Perfection". Apparently it was originally an instrumental disco-house track done by a production team called Soul Seekerz. It samples the old disco classic, "Turn The beat Around", and I must admit that is what made me hate the song initially, but the song has grown on me after a few listens. I still don't know what to think about the video, but I can't wait to own a copy of the single with all of the remixes!

And as I tell everyone when I am drunk,

"Dannii's better than Kylie, bitch!"


Blogger bomitoni said...

u tell 'em milwaukee sister! dannii does it better! the song is a total grower :) much better than madonna's new crappy song.

8:34 PM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

oh no! Madonna's song is good! maybe you should just write her and tell her to go brunette again, lol

11:19 PM  

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