Saturday, September 17, 2005

Homos have to worry about hell afterall!


So who wants to see this with me? The first ever gay horror film is finally coming to the Landmark theater here in Chicago next week Friday. I will be working that night, but I am definitely going Saturday, the 24th. I pobably shouldn't, since I will have a physics exam to study for, but I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this movie for almost a year! Sadly though, I am afraid I will be going by myself. My "unique" taste in movies often puts me in these types of situations. It's no wonder I am single! But then again, if I look at the bright, perhaps I will meet a hot guy at the theater if I go by myself.....hmmmmm......

Here are some pictures from the movie. Oh, the killer looks like he has Beefaroni potential!!!

Last night I went to Hydrate. I went by myself but I ended up running into a bunch of friends so I had a great time. Tracy Young was the guest DJ and she rocked the house! She played all of my favorite faggy dance songs, including her very own remix of Madonna's "Easy Ride". I think I might go back there tonight because club diva, Suzanne Palmer, will be giving a live performance. Actually, I want to go out tonight again simply because I am afraid this is the last weekend I am going to have time to go out until November. Between moving, school, and the PCAT, my schedule is packed. I am not even going to be able to see my favorite hottie DJ, Tony Moran September 30th when he come to Hydrate.

Speaking of moving, I can't fucking wait! I know it seems so shallow to bitch about the apartment I live in now, considering all of those people from New Orleans don't have a home at all, but who cares. I am shallow, lol. So here is my Top 10 reasons why I Can't Wait To Fucking Move

1. The psychopath who lives upstairs always sounds like he is murdering someone and disposing of the body!
2. The giant sewer rats that live in the parking lot scare me.
3. The giant roaches and man eating spiders in the first level of the building scare me even more.
4. Al-Quaeda prisoners of war live in cells that are larger than my apartment.
5. Even the Brady Bunch would say my kitchen is outdated.
6. There is always a bum drinking a bottle of whiskey by my car!
7. My landlord waits over a week to give me my packages.
8. I am tired of having a view of a brick wall.
9. There is always a truck blocking the entrance to my parking.
10. There is never an available washer or dryer. Motherfuckers!


Blogger dave said...

luego nos pones fotos del depa nuevo por dentro

5:08 PM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

pues claro!

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