Sunday, August 28, 2005

Voy a dejar mi lipstick........

....por todo tu culo

In addition to my apartment hunting, this weekend was my ode to the incredible, sexy, crazy, and fierce Alejandra Guzmán. I was supposed to have gone to FINALLY see her live in concert this past Friday. She was coming to perform at Fiesta Mexicana in Milwaukee (aka "Moo-Town"), but with my sudden need to find an apartment, I was unable to go. It was for the best though, since my Milwaukee Sister would not have been able to come with me because of his job training in Troy,MI. So I listened to my "Alejandra" Playlist on my iPod all this week. My Top 5 favorite songs being:

1. Diablo
2. Lipstick
3. Ven
4. Mala Hierba
5. Bye Mamá

The last two times she came to Chicago I couldn't go either, so I am praying that with her next album she tours again. I swear I will wet myself if I ever get too see her perform "lipstick" live!

So, I am getting very close to making a decision about the apartments I looked at yesterday and today. Goin all over downtown Chicago yesterday was EXHAUSTING! I did get to see alot of places though, which is good. I am a little disappointed about the place I went to see today. I really was hoping I would like it since it was the cheapest place I was looking at, unfortunately, it was a shithole. Well, actually I am exagerating. It was nice, but it wasn't what I was looking for. It was a garden apartement (in other words, a basement apt). The kitchen and bathroom were fabulous, but the living and bedroom were fucking scary. I am wating to hear from Janet again tomorrow to see if she found anything else interesting. If not, tomorrow afternoon I am putting a security deposit down. Stay tuned for more info on Chicago_sexbox's future whore house......

And finallly, I think it's time for some Beefaroni. I really wanted to pick a more average looking guy this week, since even I get tired of looking at the "perfect" model type, but I am too fucking tired to look for pictures. So I have chosen another one of my favorite Undergear models.........grrrrr....he's a chocolate fantasy just waiting to be licked head to toe!

Doesn't that pink swimsuit look familiar? lol



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