Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Como você diz o "beefaroni" no português?

I have an affinity for trashy music, especially trashy music in foreign languages! Axe Bahia are a Brazilian novelty group that somewhat remind me of the Vengaboys but in Portuguese. The guys in the group are uber hot and apparently don't own any shirts (hey, who needs clothes in Brazil?) Not that I care about the girls, but they too seem to have a limited budget when it comes to clothing. What makes this group even more trashy is that their first shot at fame outside of Brazil happened on a Chilean children's televison program. I mean, considering this country JUST legalized divorce, I think it's hilarious that the public was ok seeing these girls shake their meat curtains in front of little kids!

Anyhoo, as for the music, it's horribly cheesy, I mean, just look at the album cover:

And yes, I own that CD. In fact, I just watched the bonus DVD last night and that is what inspired this entry. Those guys are fucking BEEFARONI!!!!!!! I swear, next year I am teaching myself Portuguese, grabbing my thong and going to Brazil!

I leave you with one of their craptastic videos! They make the Vengaboys look like classically trained musicians! ooh, but the guys are oh so YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!


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