Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rock The Vote.....uh, oops!

I always vote every election year. I always encourage others to vote too, assuming they aren't indifferent about political issues. This year was different though. Election day seemed to come without warning and before I knew it I was at school all day and then I had one hour to get to work. Although I was not in my district I knew I could get a provisional ballot (or something like that), but then it occured to me I never re-registered when I moved last year. Oops. So after finally realizing there was no way I would be able to vote I used the hour I had between school and work to go grocery shopping. I feel like such an idiot! Oh well, I can at least find consolation in the fact I joined the Human Rights Campaign this year. This group was fundamental in keeping one of those "ban gay marriage" bills from being on the Illinois ballot.

Well, I will be better prepared for the presidential elections in 2008.

So tomorrow I am saying goodbye to SBC/AT&T. The motherfuckers decided to raise the price on my DSL service by a ridiculous amount. I will now be getting my phone, cable and internet from RCN. This is going to save me $60 a month! Woo hoo! As I mentioned in my last post I have not been enjoying my new poor student status so this is just what I needed. I also realized that in Spring I will be done paying off my car. That's another extra $200 I won't have to worry about. You know, I am just so goddamn resourceful and smart that I shouldn't worry about not having money. I can practically grow it on a tree if I have too! lol

yay me!

I think this deserves and extra CD this month, don't you?


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