Thursday, October 12, 2006


You know, I think I was a bit too harsh on poor Janet Jackson the other day. Her new album is actually quite decent. I think "Get It Out Me" is going to be one of my Top 10 favorite Janet songs of all time. I have made a Janet playlist on my iPod in honor of the new album celebrating Janet's 24 year career as a recording artist which brings me to today's post. I am surprised by how many people are unaware of Janet's two albums that were released before "Control"! Even Janet herself seems to forget this era of her career...but not me! I can't get enough of these two pre-Control albums.....

Janet's debut album from 1982 is my favorite of the two. It featured songwriting and production credits by the legendary Angela Winbush. The album had a fun disco vibe and was the more succesful of the two. I remember seeing Janet perform the first single "Young Love" on American Bandstand. If someone knows where I can see this on the internet let me know. I checked You Tube but there was nothing!

The second album, "Dream Street", is good too. It has a completely different sound though from the first album. It is fun 80's teen dance/pop. The album flopped even worse than her debut but I think songs like "Fast Girls" and "Don't Stand Another Chance" were funky 80's gems that deserve to be resurrected on Janet's next tour!


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Girlfriend...."Dream Street" is THE SHIT! I fucking love this CD. It's the perfect balance of her thin vocals with 80's synthesizers. It's fantastic! This album had hints of that Minneapolis funk she would later indulge in and overall the record is a great fun one that doesn't take itself seriously. I think its one of Janet's best albums.

Alright better IS Janet's best album :) lol. I listen to this one and "Rhythm Nation" frequently.

"you've gotta hold back the tears..then you will discover!"

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