Wednesday, December 13, 2006


No I am not referring to my lack of posts this week. I've been a busy bitch.....although some people seem to think that all I do is sit around my house watching life pass me by (No Rob, I am not talking about you).

I have an odd mix of friends. Have I mentioned that before? Anyhoo, every now and then I need to take a friend sabbatical and avoid at least one or two of them for a little bit because they become a bit "overwhelming". Fortunately I am a busy bitch and I usually go extended periods of time without talking to friends either way. Therefore my "friend sabbaticals" go unnoticed.

And no Rob, I am not talking about you.

Other than that there is nothing going on here. I am going to Evanston Northwestern Hospital this Friday afterschool. I am going with a few other memebers of the Illinois Council of Health Systems Pharmacists to meet with the clinical pharmacy director. I believe we will get a tour and bit of insight as to what a clinical pharmacist does on a daily basis. I actually already know what they do but I think this will be a good networking opportunity for me! And who knows, maybe I will come back with some interesting stories to post on my MySpace page.


Blogger YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

U bettah have called me out. Cuz I was ready to bring out the claws. lol!

Relax all the way.

11:50 PM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

Well, whenever I get to the post "friends who think everything I write on here is about them even when it wouldn't make any sense to think that" well, then you will know i am talking about you!

12:28 PM  

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