Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Confess One More Time

NBC will be airing Madonna's record breaking sell out Confessions Tour! I think it is so funny though that even at 48 she can still cause so much controversy that some NBC affiliates in the South will not be airing the special. Apparently even with the crucifixation scene removed they still deem it inapproriate for a 7-9 time slot. LOL. Perhaps they want to make sure the gays are busy being "converted" and this would impede the process?

Anyhoo, I am crabby today. I was on the phone with RCN for almost two hours this morning. You wouldn't think switching phone companies would be so difficult but just when I thought they had gotten things right my phone is suddenly disconnected and it takes them all morning to figure out why. This wouldn;t be such a problem but I have lousy reception on my cell phone in my apartment. I feel very isolated....which is probably for the better because I am not in a friendly mood right now!

Anyhoo, go confess children. It will do you some good!


Blogger innommable said...

I just got phone and internet service at my new place through SBC, and I had a HELLISH time in the first few days of getting it installed. At one point, my Chinese neighbor downstairs was answering my calls and telling me she didn't know why, and that she "no speak English!"

Well, I got a MAJOR discount for all the service disruptions. I'm happy now.

2:50 PM  

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