Sunday, November 26, 2006

Greatest Shits

With the holiday season comes an influx of greatest hits compilations. I sometimes LOVE these. Other times I loathe them. There are some artists whose albums I would never buy but I do like a few songs. In this case a greatest hits compilation is perfect. Sometimes I already own every other album but I need to have the hits cd for new tracks, bonus material, etc. One trend that has always annoyed me though is how record companies very seldom put out a COMPLETE hits collection. They always forget about one or two essential songs. Ooh that pisses me off.

I bought Luis Fonsi's hits album the other day.

He looks sooooo cute on the cover and if you look closely you can see he is wearing Diesel jeans. He's hot and has good taste. Unfortunately this album is crap. There are two important singles missing, "Estoy Perdido" and "Me Iré". Both of which were rather big hits for him. To make things worse the two new songs are crap and the DVD with all of his videos must be bought separately. The only good thing was the liner notes.

Even my diva Vanessa Williams let me down years ago with this one:

Vanessa had MANY RnB/Pop hits in the 80's and 90's, yet most of them are missing! Instead we get a handful of her hits, some random album tracks and a new song. What the fuck.

I see Mary J. Blige has a greatest hits album coming out soon. I don't know the tracklisting yet but it will only be one disc. Well, when you have had as many hits as her over a span of 15 years and plan on including 4 new songs, well, you just know so many fan favorites will be missing.

oooh, but my biggest pet peeve are the artists who put out multiple greatest hits when they aren't necessary. Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Depeche Mode, Kylie Minogue, and Eurythmics are just a few to be guilty of this. Why why why????? First off all of these artists have had very long careers. One cd won't be enough for all of the songs. Secondly, even after the multiple cd's they still can't it right and there are essential tracks missing.

So far this season the only hits compilation that hasn't pissed me off was Missy Elliott's. However, would it have killed the fucking fat dyke to include a new song???? ugh!


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