Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Mommy And Daddy"

Oooh, I am feeling just like my favorite club diva Kristine W cuz I am glad to be back in the 'land of the living'!

So the start of the new year has been a hectic one. In fact, I didn't realize how quickly I was going to fall behind with all of my academic and personal obligations. I am still trying to catch up as we speak. Let me tell you, being an undergrad was a piece of cake compared to this. There is no room to fuck up or goof off. You WILL pay dearly if you do! I really need to stay focused the rest of this quarter. However, it wasn't just the intense workload that had me stressed. Two weeks ago I received a letter from school that contained some rather shocking and worrisome news. I am not going to go into the details but for the past two weeks it looked like I was not going to have enough funds to cover next year's tuition. Unlike most people, I have no family to turn to during such uncertain times. I have been living on my own and supporting myself for 10 years now. I am not complaining because I think I have done rather well for myself. Nevertheless it eventually becomes rather frustrating to constantly be reminded that there is no one to turn to for financial support. There never was and never will be (unless I find myself a sugar daddy) anyone to help me during such hard times. All hope is not lost though. Being the resourceful individual that I am I am 99% sure I have found a solution to this problem. I still wanted to bitch about this because the past two weeks I couldn't help but think of nasty comments said by people who obviously didn't know jack shit about me yet still felt the need to put their two cents in regarding my academic life. I can think of two separate occasions when two separate individuals commented that "mommy and daddy" must have paid my way. It wasn't so much the snooty comments but the tone they used. I was insulted because they almost seemed to suggest I wouldn't be competent enough to get myself through school, get good grades and find a decent job without "mommy and daddy" holding my hand the entire way. As far as I can recall I have never once in my life pretended to be some sort of Paris Hilton socialite for anyone to think this. So I guess the comments have come back to bug me because you know what? I WISH "mommy and daddy" had paid my way! Shit, I don't hate anyone who is fortunate enough to have been born to a wealthy family. I say good for them! I go to school with people whose parents are paying for everything. Does that give me the right to assume they are stupid and don't deserve any success in life? Hell no. They are busting their ass off in class just as much as I am. Perhaps the people who are so quick to assume "mommy and daddy" did everything for someone are angry because they themselves have failed in life and it's consoling to believe someone better off doesn't really deserve any success? Misery loves company I suppose.

Anyhoo, enough about that. Before I continue though I must send out an apology to Sal aka Chava for not being able to hang out while you were in town. My work schedule was clear but everything going on with school was a whole different story. At least we saw eachother at Joe's party! Speaking of which..........

January 13th was my Milwaukee Sister's 30th birthday! Believe it or not he threw himself a Quinceañera Part 2. I had a blast!!!!!! Can you tell? The theme was "trash" and everyone definitely trashed it up with their outfits. Seeing Joe in drag like that was hilarious though. I swear he looked like Olga Tañón on crack (before the nose surgery though) with that wig. This was my faovrite picture though. My inner diva is always ready for the prime photographic moment to outshine all of the common folk....even when I am super drunk!

As for my trashy outfit, I had to use a "metal mesh" shirt and old jeans I had purchased years ago from International Male. Anyone who knows that website knows how tragic some of their clothes are. I learned the hard way a long time ago! Instead of the mesh shirt though, I really wanted to wear one of these..........

Yes, I know. How utterly tragic and gay. I thought I had thrown these shirts away but I found them after the party hidden under a box of old VHS tapes. Why would I have such hideous items in my closet? Well, back when I was a 19 year old twink, a friend of mine bought these shirts for my first boyfriend and me. My boyfriend and I broke up shortly after but remained friends. I bugged him though for almost two years to let me have the other shirt. He finally gave in and I have kept both of them for sentimental value. I know, how sweet, lol. I was so happy to see I didn't throw them away after all.

I Love New York!

JQ is on tour with his dance company this month. We barely see each other as it is (you don't even want to know the last time we had sex...I am talking in terms of months, lol) so this kind of sucks. This weekend he is in New York which has me feeling so nostalgic for the Big Apple. Michel'le finally gave me our video footage from our trip so I have been working on that so I can create a DVD. I still love New York but now that means two different things........

Oh. My. God. Can we say fierce? Anyone who followed VH1's "Flavor Of Love" should know all about this. This is the spinoff reality series, "I Love New York". Tiffany couldn't get with Flava Flav so VH1 gave her her own show in which 20 guys are going to compete for her affection. Apparently the debut episode was the highest rated show on cable television that week. I am so glad my gym has this on the tv when I go on the treadmill. I can watch the lovely "New York" without feeling guilty! The show is beyond trashy and her gay assistant, Chamo, is such a big queen he makes Jay Manuel from America's Next Top Model look butch. Ooooh, but I hope the super sexy Rico sticks around for awhile. I couldn't find a good pic of him but I think you get the idea......he's definitely my favorite!

Oooh, and speaking of hot men. I think I was too quick to give up on my search for Beefaroni. There isn't a lack of beefaroni in Hollywood. I simply don't watch enough tv! JQ had me watch "Grey's Anatamoy" one night a long time ago and I totally forgot about Eric Dane!!!!! Holy shit!!!!!

Grrrrrr.......I wouldn't mind taking him for a ride. As for the show itself, I couldn't get into it. It's strange but despite the fact I work in healthcare I have never liked any of these medical tv shows.

And finally, I must thank my Milwaukee Sister for introducing me to!!!!!!

I am hooked. For those who never heard of it, it is a website in which you post your unwanted cd's, make a list of cd's you DO want and trade with other people. The only charge is $1 for shipping. I love it!!!!!!! I can satisfy my need for new music without having to use my credit cards! Woo hoo!

Speaking of music, I have now uploaded 15,057 songs to my new iPod! I still have about 20 more cd's to rip! Having 80GB to work with has allowed me to dig out alot of my older music from the 90's. I love it! I am making sure to back up all of my music on my external hard drive though so if I should ever get another iPod I won't have to re-rip everything.



Blogger YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

Whomever made those "mommy and daddy" comments must really not know anything about why let it annoy you? Its obviously no one who'se worth knowing.

And you're not family has never...and I re-iterate NEVER helped me or supported me in anythign they did. They were always self-involved and selfish and were quick to remind me that I should be thanking the stars they fed me all their life and to not even think of asking for financial help in school. They wouldn't even ever give me a ride or pick me up from somehwere should I ever need I can't count on them for even little things let alone major things. But that's a whole other post..

Nice to read you again :). I missed u last Friday. I really did...really..we should talk sometime ;-)

If u ever need a break from your life, let me know and we'll get drunk.

P.S...Eric Dane IS Hot! He's the hottest male candy on the show. *gasp* we agree again!

1:45 PM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

Um, getting drunk is what got me into this mess to begin with!

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:40 PM  
Blogger Innommable said...

I hope your upcoming birthday celebrations go well!

Oh, and you look VERY beefaroni in your mesh t-shirt, Mr.!

7:59 PM  
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Blogger bomitoni said...

u chose the tamest photos to represent the party of the year! lol....too bad we can't respond w/ photos so everyone can see how tore up you were! i had a blast. thanks for making my party a memorable one. everyone got to see the 'milwaukee buddies' in action! lol!

btw what's up w/ all the spamming here???

10:12 PM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

LOl @ your comment. As IF I was going to ruin my diva status and post some of those "other" pictures. It's bad enough people thought I was on something!

12:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried to have a good time. I wasn't really feeling it until later. We hardly talked. My one friend kept hogging me. She kept buying me drinks...:)

I could sure use some cheering u p right now. Anyone wanna get drunk this afternoon? lol.

3:51 PM  
Blogger YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

That last message was me, I guess I pressed anonymous by mistake

3:52 PM  
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