Tuesday, December 26, 2006

2007 Resolutions

So I have decided a week early to get started on my New Year's resolutions. I took a look back at my 2006 resolutions and I am proud to say I did 2 out of 3. I never got to those "Queer As Folk" DVD's (I still have no idea what happened after Season 2, lol) BUT I did learn not to be such an over achiever. In fact, I FAILED one of my exams last quarter and I didn't even care. Well, I cared, but I didn't lose sleep over it. I just made sure I did extra well on the last two exams. I also achieved my goal of addressing problems/issues with people immediately instead of waiting. Unfortunately I noticed a slightly related scenario develop this year that I will have to tackle in 2007.

So here are my 2007 resolutions.......

1. No more fast food/junk food. Last April I modified my diet by becoming a vegetarian. The fact I dropped a pants size was enough incentive not to revert to my old carnivorous ways. However, as the months passed by I noticed myself falling into a junk food/fast food trap that I had initally wanted to avoid. So no more. No more Taco Bell, no more McDonald's french fries or desserts, no more Cinnabon, and no more pumpkin pie for breakfast either! Will I allow myself a treat here and there? Definitely! I don't think I need to deprive myself of anything, but I don't need any of this crap on a regular basis. Chipotle though can stay in my diet. They use fresh ingredients and although it is "fast food" it isn't the processed crap you find at other places.

2. Hypocrites, look out! This bitch means business!: I suppose this is a "sequel" to my 2006 resolution. I will probably make some enemies in 2007 but I don't give a fuck. I am SICK of dealing with hypocrites at school, at work, in public and in my own personal group of friends. It is a pet peeve I shall no longer tolerate. I guess to better explain myself, why is it some people will mock or criticze how I live, how I dress, what I do for a living, what I eat, where I go to school, where I hang out, what I do or don't do BUT the second I give them a taste of their own medicine they get all offended and paint me out to be some horrible person? Fuck that shit. I'll show them just how horrible I can really be in 2007. You fuck with me I am fucking with you ten times worse right back.

3. Goodbye Mr. Credit Cards: I am consolidating my credit cards and ending this vicious cycle once and for all. When I first moved to Chicago I had just graduated and had no choice but to charge everythign I needed for the move. That initial balance just seemed to keep getting bigger and bigger over the years. Sure, I would pay off huge amounts at a time, but then I would just buy some more! Because of my good habit of consistently paying my debt I haven't ruined my credit rating like one would think. However, the time has come to put an end to the madness. I am taking out a low interest loan, getting rid of the unnecessary cards and only buying stuff that is absolutely necessary. I can do it! I know I can!


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