Monday, February 05, 2007

G'day Mate!

I had a fun weekend despite the fact it was so motherfucking cold! On Friday I was invited to Yesenia's "Fag Hag Baby Shower" at Bucca on North Clark. Oooh, thay have got some fierce eggplant parmigana! Afterwards I had a few drinks with my Milwaukee Sister and Rob. Since I was already in Boystown I figured I would stay out. They went home but another friend of mine texted me that he would be at Hydrate. Well, the bastard stood me up but that was ok because I am very good at socializing even when I am left at a club by myself looking like a friendless loser. lol.

To be quite honest the place was dead and I was about to leave until these two cute Australian boys, Anthony and Brandon started talking to me. I LOVED the accents and as you can all imagine I couldn't wait to start asking them about my favorite Australian diva.......Dannii Minogue

Well, Anthony told me Australia has a love/hate relationship with Dannii. When she puts out a good pop single they like her.....but otherwise the tabloids constantly trash her for being "plastic" and "living in Kylie's shadow". I was horrified to hear that my diva is treated so horribly in her native country! How can such injustice be allowed? *sob*

Well, we went to Sidetrack where Anthony met some guy (in other words that's the last we heard from him the rest of the night, lol), and Brandon continued to get drunk. He got so drunk that he ended up taking off his pants and underwear in the middle of the bar and then putting his underwear on the bartender's head!!! OMG. I think everyone's mouth just dropped! I couldn't stop laughing! I had such a fun time with Brandon that I went bar hopping with him Saturday night too. The boy was a total trip!

My new Australian friends had to leave Chicago on Sunday. They are actually living in Toronto right now. Apparently they drove and it only took 10 hours. I didn't realize Toronto was so close. Hmmmm...perhaps a road trip to Canada is in store this summer?

One final thing.....these boys couldn't stop talking about Oprah! They were so dissapointed they couldn't go see a taping. I thought it was so cute that Oprah Winfrey has made Chicago famous even in Australia! I am not an Oprah fan but what the hell, it's Black History so in honor of that and my new Aussie Buddies here you go!


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