Thursday, February 01, 2007

"I Ain't Been Licked"

"Keep a holding me down
But I rise
Got my second wind
Keep a holding me down
But I rise
Tell 'em I'm back again

Just say
I ain't been licked
I ain't been licked
I ain't been licked
Tell 'em for me
I ain't been licked"

Diana Ross truly is the ultimate diva. Not only does she always look absolutely fabulous (even when she is getting arrested for drinking and driving or fondling Lil' Kim's boobie) but her music is timeless and quite inspirational!

Although I will admit I am not particularly fond of Diana's newest album, her extensive back catalogue always knows how to touch me in the morning. I mean, everytime I hear "Missing You", her 80's classic tribute to Marvin Gaye, (who she ironically didn't get along with in real life), I can't resist the desire to find my biggest afro wig, put on a sparkly, tacky sequin dress and flail my arms around dramatically as I mime in front of the mirror mirror the lyrics. As you can see, I am celebrating Miss Ross's return to the Top 40 this week with a week long iPod playlist extravaganza. This week I want to work that body to Diana's greatest hits!

The song lyrics I quoted above, "I Ain't Been Licked", appropriately describes how I am feeling right now. The start of the new year was like living in the middle of a battlefield but I ain't been licked just yet. No sir! I was feeling frustrated not only because of the absence of family financial support but simply because of my lack of family period. Everyone in my immediate family is dead and as for my extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins)I've had very little (if any) contact with them for years. Let's just say they aren't classy folks. But you know what.......I think it's all been for the better. Not having a family for any type of support, whether it be financial or emotional, has probably made me the strong, independent, resilient and resourceful individual that I am. I look at some people who receive unconditional support from their families and I can't help but wonder if perhaps that support has done more harm than good. Perhaps the coddling has been more of a hindrance that has kept them from realizing their full potential. Yes, I am tooting my own horn today but isn't that what any good diva would do? Diana Ross hasn't had a platinum record in over 20 years....that hasn't stopped her from ever losing her diva attitude! Case in point:

Needless to say I have worked the system to my advantage and WILL have money to pay for tuition next year. Life is grand! I have not been swept away by my problems or been left upside down by the stress that had me workin' ovetime. I'm coming out this weekend to start a chain reaction of celebration cuz life showed me who was the!


Blogger YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

I already told you how I feel about you....;-) No need to repeat myself.


I can always be your daddy :)

9:19 PM  
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