Monday, December 24, 2007

2007: Not so fierce music.

With every good album that is released, there is an equally horrible one waiting to assault your ears without warning. These were the albums that made me cringe with disgust after hearing them.....

Deborah Harry - "Necessary Evil": As a solo artist, Ms. Harry was always a "singles artist" and not so much an "albums artist" and apparently after a 15 year absence not much has changed. Granted, I LOVED the lead single but for the rest of the album it is for the most part shit. Perhaps the title should have been "Unnecessary Evil"? Most of the "songs" (if you can even call them that) sound like the rantings of someone's senile grandmother who forgot to take her Alzheimer's medication.

Darren Hayes - "This Delicate Thing We've Made": This album had the potential to be great. Darren had a great idea and 100% artistic control over the project. However we ended up with two discs of a grown man whining about everything and everything that has gone wrong in his life layered over electronic blips and bleeps. The result is not quite a dance album and probably TOO introspective to be enjoyable to anyone other than those suffering from clinical depression.

Prince - "Planet Earth": Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Ok, so I will take the blame for this one. Why do I keep buying these Prince albums year after year when I know deep down inside this man lost all ability to make good music (or at least an album's worth) in 1995? Boring.

Kelly Rowland - "Ms. Kelly": I wanted to like this album, really, I did. i have been rooting for Ms. Kelly ever since she seemed to come into her own on the Destiny's Child single/video "Bootylicious". She showed the world that there was more to the group than just Beyonce's yelping and nasty weave. Her first solo album was acceptable, but I was hoping she would have done something a little more exotic and daring to at least somewhat step out from Beyonce's shadow. Poor Kelly played it safe though with this album of possibly the most generic RnB/Hip Hop songs you could imagine. Shit, I don't think Kelly could even step out of Christina Milian's shadow, much less Beyonce's with this snooze fest.

Mutya Buena - "Real Girl": Uh oh! It's another former Sugababe member ready to show the world the "real" reason why she left the group. Unfortunately she doesn't have much to show. Mutya (aka the bootleg Lil Kim as my Sista M would say) delivers an album that is merely a poor man's Sugababes album. Why bother Mutya? just go raise your baby and shut up already.

DJ Encore - "Unique": Surely I am not the only one who remembers DJ Encore's debut back in 2001/2002 with the crossover trance/dance hit single "I See Right Through To You". The single and album were bliss. I was surprised to come across this sophomore effort one day while scouring Virgin Records (RIP) earlier this year. Well, after one listen it was clearly evident why I hadn't heard anything about this release. DJ Encore is stuck in 1992 with this album and not in a good way by any means.

Chenoa - "Absurda Cenicienta": Chenoa is a such a great vocalist from Spain. Unfortunately, everytime I buy her albums I feel like I wind up with one or two good songs and a bunch of filler. I suppose I should have learned my lesson but I always feel the need to give a singer another chance. Sadly, this album is probably her worst. Some of the songs are just downright embarrassing and sound like left overs from her Operacion Triunfo days (the Spanish talent show she was discovered on).


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Blogger bomitoni said...

nice spam there. i thought you were going on and on about darren hayes. i don't get what the big deal is about him. chenoa's album wasn't as good as her last one, but i don't think it was awful. i have a soft spot for my chipmunk faced diva!

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