Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On The Radio: 2007

2007 was a strange year in music. Some of the most unlikely people put out some really great music. I found myself even enjoying alot of the mainstream Top 40 stuff that gets played to death in this country. I guess that either means I have finally succumbed to Clear Channel's plan to dictate what I listen to or maybe for once there really were alot of good Top 40 songs!

Without further ado I bring to you my Top 7 of 2007 Favorite Songs!

1. Timbaland - "The Way I Are": WOW! Months later I still can't get enough of this song. It is a cool hybrid of today's current dance/pop with 80's RnB! The video was a bit dull but I can over look that.

2. Jennifer Lopez - "Que Hiciste": Ooooh! Not only was J-lo's performance of this song the highlight of her concert but it was also one of my most played songs this year on my iPod. J-lo turned it out with this fiery latin dance pop number!

3. Hilary Duff - "With Love": Hilary Duff could do no wrong this year in my eyes and this sexy electropop delicacy is no exception! This became her highest charting single of her career and rightfully so!

4. Beyoncé & Shakira: This duet was quite the unlikely pairing but the end result was fierce. Not only was the video original, but the song showed what versatile performers these two ladies are! Oh, and don't even get me started on the dance remix for this!

5. Ultra Naté - "Automatic": It was a crime that pop radio ignored this brilliant Pointer Sisters remake. Ultra takes an 80's gem and turns it upside down and inside out to make it completely fresh, new and oh so ULTRA! And if that wasn't enough the video is by far the hottest video of 2007!

6. Debbie Harry - "Two Times Blue": Debbie Harry returned in 2007 with her first solo material since 1992. Debbie (and her plastic surgeon) make 62 look like the new 40! The song is a delicious slice of "granny pop" with enough hints of the new wave sound she perfected 30 years with Blondie to satisfy any fan of that era.

7. Dannii Minogue - "Touch Me Like That: I save the best for last with this pick. Dannii Minogue teamed up with the American DJ/producer, Jason Nevins, to create this funky dancefloor anthem that incorporates a clever sample of Sylvester's "You Make Me Feel". The video is also another stunning showcase of Dannii's many talents. I mean, who else makes neon lights look so cool?


Blogger MatadorMexicano said...

ha! GOOD list!! and i agree, The Way I Are, is good. even ifi hear it in MY SLEEP it gets played alot.

i should get started on mine. =)

2:18 AM  

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